Listen up. Why podcasts are a great play for DR advertisers.

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With about a third of America tuning in every month, consuming (on average) 6.5 hours of content every week, it’s no surprise that podcasts have captured the attention of publishers and advertisers everywhere.

Media giants like Pandora and Spotify are jumping all-in on the bandwagon. More and more companies are leveraging this popular medium to promote their products and services. And it’s for good reason. The advertising experience is more organic, less likely to be skipped than other platforms and often stands all alone. However, another big reason for their ad growth is the great direct response capabilities that podcast advertisements have to offer.

There’s no denying that podcast consumers are engaged with their chosen content. According to Panoply, a media platform that provides breakthrough podcast technology for publishers and advertisers, their podcast listeners get through 80-90% of the content. This means this group is less likely to skip an ad and more likely to act on it immediately. Podcast fanatics are a loyal bunch, which is also great news for advertisers: the more often they tune into episodes, the more chances advertisers have to capture this captive audience’s attention. Plus, that loyalty and trust carry over to the brand or product you’re selling. When a host tells their listeners to go to your site today or call a number, it seems like advice, not marketing. In a unusual way, podcast advertising feels more like supporting the show versus interrupting it.

What about tracking and optimizing your campaigns? Well, most DR advertisers in the podcast space leverage promo codes to drive sales. This is a simple and effective way to draw your audience in and give advertisers a direct link to attribution — clearly showing what’s working and what isn’t. When a consumer uses a promo code at the point of purchase, advertisers use the data to track the success of their spots and optimize future campaigns. These brands are leveraging the same ROI strategy they enjoy on digital channels and DRTV.

As thousands of podcasts and genres are introduced each week, audience targeting has become even more dynamic. Today, podcast ads can be customized to meet the needs of the advertisers and produce scalable results; these include dynamic ad insertion and embedded ads. Dynamic ad insertions allow advertisers to measure response and conversion by audience. Embedded ads allow for host-read endorsements, global delivery, and delivery based on listening patterns for specific episodes.

There’s a lot to like about podcasts, especially for DR advertisers. If you’re looking for a captive audience, ability to track sales and leverage dynamic targeting, now’s a great time to look into this ever-growing audio platform.

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