A Recipe for Facebook Video Success

If you're anything like me, you're hooked on those TASTY videos populating your Facebook feed. You know, the cooking videos shot from above with yummy ingredients being dumped into bowls and saucepans? Those videos are viewed, liked, shared and followed by hundreds of millions of people. Constantly. 

Numbers this staggering tell us something. People are consuming digital video to LEARN. Consumers will not only search video for topics of interest, they’ll stop in their Facebook-browsing tracks, watch and even subscribe to video feeds that they see as educational and informative.

What makes TASTY videos so compelling?

First, they're demonstrable. After just one view, you've got the basics on how to whip up that Berry French Toast Bake

Second, the action is supported with clear, communicative supers. Not sure what that white powder was? Fear not, a friendly super stating, "Powdered Sugar, 2TBSP." appears with a nice little arrow pointing to the sugar pile. 

Third, these videos are so strong at communicating, we watch them without sound! That's right, 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound. TASTY’s videos are so attention-grabbing and effective at communicating, one doesn’t miss the catchy music or voiceover instruction. 

Not to mention, they all come with a Call To Action. “Click” for the full recipe or “Pin it” for later.

As you embark on your digital video development, take a tip from TASTY -- make it demonstrable, support it with supers and make sure the video is attention-grabbing and communicates, especially to an audience that's ready to move on. 

That’s all. Now back to binge viewing dessert recipes