Marketers are wrong to write off TV, research finds

TV has many marketers conflicted. “They want addressable and attribution and want to cut linear budget,” Justin Evans, vice-president, data strategy, for Comcast Spotlight, told The Drum. “Then, at the water cooler, they’re talking about all the shows they’re binging on.”

Bringing TV & Digital Together

Search, Digital and TV marketing should be considered as complimentary and not rivals. They need each other. TV drives search and having search optimized is critical today. Check out this video series with Eicoff CEO and BeFoundOnline President Dan Golden chatting about the importance of having these two marketing skills together.

Digital Strategies To Amplify And Complement Your TV Campaign

SEO and any TV marketing go hand in hand specifically, DRTV. Direct Response Television needs a good online marketing strategy to compliment the initiative. Here are three digital strategies to make your campaign standout and perform their best. These are designed to boost any online traffic coming from any TV initiative. Check it out.

How Rush Hour Will Become the New Primetime

In five to ten years, the experience for everyone in the car -- including the driver -- is going to radically change

Television's Future Is Data Driven

Television's Future Is Data Driven

ANA and Forrester Research have just released a new report, "The Digital Transformation of Video Advertising Arrives," based on research among ANA members.

YouTube will begin selling ads in live TV service

YouTube will begin selling ads in its live TV stream…