OTA fastest-growing acronym in premium video advertising – not OTT

Heroes & Icons, Bounce, Escape, Laugh, Grit, Comet and MeTV. Do you know those TV network brands?

New Directions at the 16th Annual Hispanic Television Summit

It is no secret that as the Hispanic-American audience continues to grow year by year so does its buying power in advertising, viewership in television and impact in entertainment and popular culture

Converting The Digital Demand Driven By TV

Converting The Digital Demand Driven By TV

It is critical to have an digital marketing strategy to compliment any TV initiatives especially direct response television. A highly visible organic search presence will help your click-through-rate and conversions immensely. Check out this post to find out what digital marketing strategies to invest in.

Moving Forward with Multicultural TV

Over and over again, the conversation at last week’s Multicultural TV Summit in New York City returned to one point:

Execs Bullish on TV Advertising; Spending to Rise on Advanced Efforts

NEW YORK – A new survey of 300 ad agency executives shows they’re optimistic about the future of TV advertising,