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TV Networks Form New Consortium to Advance Targeted Advertising

Rivals team up on a system for addressable ads on smart TV. People who have smart TVs will be targeted ads based on what they are interested in. How is this different? People watching the same program will be able to serve two different types of ads for the same brand simultaneously. Pretty cool, right? Read this article for more info!

As Targeting Comes To TV, Digital’s Mistakes Loom Large

Targeting on TV with the same precision as digital is becoming a reality. OTT platforms enables pinpoint accuracy of any audience. The misconception that TV is dead is just that , a misconception. That being said there are things that work for TV that don’t neccessarity work when targeting on digital platforms. Read for more info!

Think your target is too niche for TV? Think Again.

There is a misconception in TV advertising saying that TV is only good for reaching a massive audience. However, TV has evolved and now TV can target very narrow audiences. Why and how is this possible? a lot has to do with fragmentation of stations and cable networks. Another reason is because of big data and advance analytics. Check out this blog by Eicoff’s CEO and maybe we can change your mind!

How an Acronym You’ve Probably Never Heard of Will Change TV Advertising Forever

For years, brands have salivated over the prospect of fusing the best aspects of digital marketing with the tried-and-true canvas of linear television.