You got data in my creative! You got creative in my data!

Creative and data analytics can inform each other and inspire innovation. data and creative combined can provide messaging that is meaningful to an audience. The combination provides predictive data. The truth is creative brings data to life!

The question all advertisers have to ask

before pen meets paper, you’ve got to ask the most important question: what kind of reaction are we after? Eliciting a reaction is one of the main purposes of advertising. It’s hard to elicit an emotional reaction and also drive a response. Creatively speaking, if it's an emotional response that you seek, you'll tend toward traditional storytelling.


Stories are an art form that has a beginning, middle and an end. They can be funny in nature, and provoke a lot of different emotions but often do not sell. Storyselling takes those wonderful stories and gives them structure that at the end of the day produces a sale. Eicoff has perfected that art and has instilled in every client commercial we do. Click here to learn our approach!