The Greatest Ad Leading Into The Super Bowl

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It was the perfect storm. A dramatic come from behind win, that propels your team to the Big Game.  It’s a nearly every year event for the New England Patriots and their field general Tom Brady.  But this year was different.  This year in the days leading up to the AFC Championship game, Brady cut his hand near his right thumb.

His throwing hand. There was a lot of sports talk about whether it was real, or a Bill Belichick distraction.  And, if it were real, how would he overcome the adversity?

Now comes the perfect storm, at least for our client KT Tape. Trainers and advisers made the call to tape Brady’s hand with KT Tape Pro Extreme®.  The story of how the doctors chose KT Tape” is worth a read all on its own. Things didn’t start out as planned. The Jacksonville Jaguars were in control early, but in true Brady fashion, the Pats came roaring back from 10 points down in the 4th Quarter, to edge the Jags 24-20, giving Brady his eighth Super Bowl appearance. 

Following the game, there were shots of Brady’s throwing hand, and the bold KT brand being broadcast across the country, and the story was picked up by news services across the globe. Good for Brady. Great for KT Tape. As they say in the advertising business, you can’t buy that kind of publicity. It went viral.

Now, we wait.  Will Tom Brady make KT Tape the #1 product placement of Super Bowl LII?