Television. It's the newest thing in digital.

There’s a brand new thing coming to the internet -- commercial television. 

Right now, on YouTube pre-roll they’re running ads about their new YouTube TV App that allows you to stream television on any device, including your big screen TV (with complimentary Google Chromecast after your first payment).

It’s a move by Google to connect a boatload of networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Telemundo etc. with a young audience that doesn’t watch much traditional TV. Or maybe they just don’t watch TV traditionally?

There are a lot of great features, including unlimited DVR storage on the cloud.

It’s also an App that addresses the conundrum of many young cable cutters, where do I go to watch live sports? The answer, thanks to YouTubeTV, is anywhere. Sports galore including;  Regional Comcast Sports, several ESPN networks, along with FS1 and FoxSports. All will be available live or to store for viewing later.

There will be another feature as well... commercials. In the Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube TV, there is this: “Will there be ads?” 

Here's how YouTube handles that question:

“Yes, many of the TV networks we offer have ads. When YouTube videos are shown on YouTube TV, the majority of the ad revenue from them will support the creators of those videos.”

Supporting the creators, now there is a novel idea. TV – it’s the newest thing online.