Spark Something!

Eicoff is proud to again host seventh and eight grade students from Spark for an in office mentorship program.

This year, we had the opportunity to partner with students from Ariel Community Academy in Kenwood, Chicago. These students learn valuable skills for school and beyond through a workplace program that is tailored to their specific career goals and interests. At the end of each semester, the students present a project, created with their mentor's help, that explores personal interests, goals and career paths. This time around, we had the pleasure of supporting future DJs, dancers, basketball players, and judges.

Spark's program has proven success in helping students in under-served communities remain on track to graduate from high school. Mentorships allow these students to explore interests outside of school, and be inspired by all the possibilities their futures hold. To learn more about Spark, check out their website:

Anyone can be a mentor, and your impact on these students is immeasurable and invaluable.