The question all advertisers have to ask

before pen meets paper, you’ve got to ask the most important question: what kind of reaction are we after? Eliciting a reaction is one of the main purposes of advertising. It’s hard to elicit an emotional reaction and also drive a response. Creatively speaking, if it's an emotional response that you seek, you'll tend toward traditional storytelling.

Disney, A+E, AMC, Discovery Follow NBCU’s DRTV-Style Measurement for Ad Campaigns

he general ad units for A&E Networks, AMC, Discovery, and Disney are entering DRTV-style measurement efforts…

Putting The Old in Old School

Eicoff has passed the test of time because we adapt to change and get ahead of it. Our history and our track record backs that up. It has made us experts in what we do and has made us visionaries. Eicoff has always been ahead on innovation. Check out this blog post and get familiar with who we are and what we do.

Now THIS is a call to action

“We’re not saving lives.” This is an old advertising cliché that’s been tossed around by marketers for decades.