Teach Your Viewers Well

In recent years, the health and wellness category has exploded. Yet a lot of the commercials seem to be the same throughout the market. We constructed 2 minute ads that focused on a different feature: education. This was teste through the roof! The more educated viewers are, the more receptive they are to a brand. Education doesn’t have to be boring. Read this to see what our approach was!

TV Networks Form New Consortium to Advance Targeted Advertising

Rivals team up on a system for addressable ads on smart TV. People who have smart TVs will be targeted ads based on what they are interested in. How is this different? People watching the same program will be able to serve two different types of ads for the same brand simultaneously. Pretty cool, right? Read this article for more info!

As Targeting Comes To TV, Digital’s Mistakes Loom Large

Targeting on TV with the same precision as digital is becoming a reality. OTT platforms enables pinpoint accuracy of any audience. The misconception that TV is dead is just that , a misconception. That being said there are things that work for TV that don’t neccessarity work when targeting on digital platforms. Read for more info!

This Dad Started a Streaming Service So He Could Find Decent Shows for His 2-Year-Old. 5 Years Later, Viacom Bought It for $340 Million

When serial entrepreneur Ilya Pozin and his co-founder Tom Ryan launched Pluto TV in 2014, the idea went against the grain. Pluto was brought up to be a streaming service unlike a subscription based model. It was bought out by Viacom and its technology is used internationally now. Pluto’s business model is different but has given it an advantage compared to alternatives.

Hulu's New Interactive Ad Gear

What makes a commercial for Sleep Number, the national bed and bed accessories store chain, different on Hulu these days than anywhere else?

Think your target is too niche for TV? Think Again.

There is a misconception in TV advertising saying that TV is only good for reaching a massive audience. However, TV has evolved and now TV can target very narrow audiences. Why and how is this possible? a lot has to do with fragmentation of stations and cable networks. Another reason is because of big data and advance analytics. Check out this blog by Eicoff’s CEO and maybe we can change your mind!

Bringing TV & Digital Together

Search, Digital and TV marketing should be considered as complimentary and not rivals. They need each other. TV drives search and having search optimized is critical today. Check out this video series with Eicoff CEO and BeFoundOnline President Dan Golden chatting about the importance of having these two marketing skills together.

With $23m in fresh funding, Overtime wants to move beyond viral dunk clips to build a ‘next-generation sports network’

With $23m in fresh funding, Overtime wants to move beyond viral dunk clips to build a ‘next-generation sports network’

Overtime, a sports video publisher became famous for filming high production videos of potential superstar basketball players from high school dunking in games.

Amazon Launching 'Moments' Marketing Tool

Amazon is making a big move in the cost-per-action (CPA) marketing space, launching a new service called Amazon Moments designed to allow companies to reward their loyal users. Companies that use the tool will be able to give their customers more value. Click here to read more!

Eicoff Day @ the Chicago Food Depository

Eicoff Day @ the Chicago Food Depository

Here at Eicoff we make a point to help others and give back. Our time at the Chicago Food Depository was record breaking. We were packing can food and unloading and loading bags of rice for hours. Check out what we accomplished in a short amount of time

Walmart abandons plans for video streaming service

Here's a plot twist — one company is deciding not to launch a new streaming video service.


Since 2015, Eicoff has supported and participated in SPARK, a unique and inspiring mentoring program for inner city students.

TV And Digital Advertising Need To Stop Fighting And Admit They Need Each Other

Digital advertising and TV go together like biscuits and gravy, people just don’t know it. At Eicoff we are trend setters and can tell the future though. TV and digital compliment each other. There is not one or the other. People watch TV then go one their media devices and search or watch videos of probably similar content.

OTA fastest-growing acronym in premium video advertising – not OTT

Heroes & Icons, Bounce, Escape, Laugh, Grit, Comet and MeTV. Do you know those TV network brands?

Direct-to-consumer brands are ushering in the age of intelligent TV buying

Direct to consumer (DTC) is a way for advertisers to target their audience, meaning a lot of digital advertising. At first glance when digital was on the rise this had enormous success, but the market has since become saturated and it is hard to break through. TV has the ability to track like digital and is more effective. Click here to learn more!

4 key takeaways from CES

By the numbers, CES is an impressive circus of gadgetry.