Why DRTV needs SEO


The goal of direct response television is simple: create an advertisement that incites the audience to take action. Of course, no matter what action you’d like them to take, there’s a high probability the viewer will simply go online and begin their own exploration. That’s why, it’s important to have an SEO plan to bring those Google searchers your way. If your site lacks a solid SEO foundation, you’ll experience high bounce rates, low conversion rates or simply miss out on traffic you should could be getting.

In this sense DRTV and SEO go hand in hand. How you optimize your site can affect how well you capture potential traffic. There are hundreds of factors that make up search engine algorithms, but here are some of the most important ones to evaluate:

Site Speed. More than 50 percent of users now accessing the internet via mobile. Their expectations are high and patience low. Consequently, the importance of site speed has increased on everyone’s priority. Speed is also important because a faster loading site means Google can spend less time and money to crawl your site. So, how do you know if your site is slow? Simply input your domain’s URL into a free website called GT Metrix. Pay attention to the “waterfall” tab on this website that details page elements. This will explain why your site is having any speed problems. Issues are often caused by large images or too much Javascript. It also helps to cache your website, which means the search engines will store and remember what they are trying to render the next time a URL is requested.

Fresh content. Creating content is one of the most important parts of SEO. More importantly, creating the right content with the right keywords. This involves research into what keywords get the most amount of search volume and are not too difficult to rank. When creating content, it is best to write as fluidly as possible without forcing any specific keywords in the content. Do research and pay attention to Algorithm updates that frequently take place on Google. Specifically, keep an eye on your top keywords and how search engine result pages change for them. The algorithm can affect many areas in search and requires vigilance on the part of the digital marketer.

Backlinks. These are links that point back to your website. In SEO, there is an acronym for the type of backlinks you want to get. It’s called E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness). And what it means is that you want backlinks from someone who is an expert in their field, an authority in the content their creating and trustworthy. To ensure sites are trusted, you simply have to check if their “https” is secure. You can tell by the green lock symbol on the upper left corner of the browser. Because of its considerable impact on rankings, backlinks are one of the most essential parts of SEO.

Mobile friendly. It is important that you have a mobile version of your website. One that mirrors the content you have on your desktop version. Having a responsive design to your website is necessary for user experience. It takes the content on your website and adjusts for the mobile hardware. Also, be sure to simplify and prioritize your content. You don’t want to cluster up your potential customer’s tiny screen.

SEO is the perfect complement to DRTV. SEO grows your digital presence. It provides your website the opportunity to show up for any given search query. And it helps you capture all of those interested consumers driven online by TV. Having a solid SEO strategy is paramount for both digital and non-digital marketing.